Slave Kirk

I have secured the ownership of a male slave who is currently in Belvedere in London.  The slave from London, known as Kirk, shall be relocating to me in the new year.  Needless to say I have been looking forward to this for quite some time.

I am aware the slave is a straight male, but this does not matter to the slave nor to me.  The slave has freely and willingly given himself to be my owned property as the saying goes.

The slave will be in the near future serving me for the remainder of his life.  He accepts this will be hard to begin with, and shall need regular punishment to aide his training.  The result will be I shall have the slave I need.

Update: 31.12.2018

Kirk has not been in touch for almost a month. His posts and profile from Collarspace have vanished. He is not responding to texts or voicemails. I am left to believe he has been playing a game, maybe not, but he sounded serious enough in our dealings over the years.

Time to move on and go for a slave who will materialise and actually live the life in my service.

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