Slave Kirk

Slave and property

The slave and I have been talking this afternoon. He reiterated the outline of his life as my slave. A few months have lapsed since the initial time he did this, but has stated very much what I am wanting for in a slave and have in a contract template.

I have left him a voicemail to emphasise he is my slave and property for the rest of his life. Kirk might not be a slim man or an adonis, but he is real and will devote his life to my service.

Easter has been agreed as the moment he will travel from London to me. The moment he arrives, strips naked, he will be my property henceforth. If I need to pee at that point he will drink direct from my penis.

I will give updates on his training and progress in due course. All I can say is after all these years of talking. There will be no going back. This male now belongs to me.

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