I have been chatting with this slave on and off for years. I have not mentioned this publicly before so I am rectifying this now. Like Slave Kirk, he is an English slave. Unlike Slave Kirk he lives near Leeds. We are in contact through fetlife.com where we both have our respective profiles.

115-069-234 is similarly build to my slave, Kirk. Nonentity slave asked if I would keep Kirk as he is or remold him by reducing his weight. While I can do nothing about the face, to quote 115-069-234, I can exercise Kirk to get his weight down.

It has taken a while to have a picture of Kirk fully naked, he had provided facial pics in the past, which can be seen in his section. I have yet to see what 115-069-234 looks like.

I own this slave and Kirk, so I am establishing a stable so to speak as is my right.

5 Replies to “115-069-234”

  1. Also, while it is technically (and reluctantly) English (it is from the People’s Republic of Yorkshire) its ancestry is mostly Irish, Welsh and Scottish, with only a smattering of English on its mother’s side, Sir.

    it identifies as Irish, Sir.


    1. While I have Welsh connections through my late Aunt Lilly who married a Welsh man and live her married life in Llanelli. I am split down the middle: English and Irish. It is the Irish that I relate too most however.


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