Conversation with Slave Kirk: 7.3.2019

My slave views his enslavement commencing as the following:

I would turn up and become fully owned from the moment I arrive to you Sir.

I would expect to find a job within two weeks.

Once home from work. I would serve and wait on my owner 24/7. Having chores to do as you command.

You would collar me when I arrive. I would also expect to be tattooed or branded as my owners property. When not serving my place would be kneeling or becoming my owners footrest. I would be ready for use as my owners urinal at all times. As well as ready to give oral on command.

I would wash and bath you. Dress you. I would give up all my rights and become your total property Sir. I would eat my meals from a bowl at your feet. You will be free to use bondage whenever you decide. I will learn to take punishment for not pleasing you. Or just for your fun and amusement.

I would sleep where you decide. Depending on your mood sir. On the floor by your bed. In your bed. Ready to lick and suck you on demand. Always ready to be woken up if you need to pee in the night. You will be free to see other people. Even getting me to help them to please you. But I will be faithful to my owner fully.

My only purpose in life. Will be to serve and please my owner. I will sign a life long slave contract. Handing over my life to my owner. With no get out clause.

You will be my life sir. My only goal in life will be to devote my life to your pleasure. All I will ever from life is to be your slave and full property.

The above was responses to various text messages. It is comprehensive and encompasses my of what I am also wanting from a slave. The conversation is only a synopsis of his enslavement of course.

4 Replies to “Conversation with Slave Kirk: 7.3.2019”

    1. Thank you 115-069-234. I do hope Kirk comes through. I had been putting him off in the past. Kirk has been delaying things also. But neither of us are getting younger, so it is time to get on with things. Kirk has given himself to me. I accept and will take him.


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