Dinner time

Meal time

This well trained slave is having his food and water from bowls, which is the default manner for all slaves to eat their food. It does take practice. I have bowls myself which have been used by a visiting slave in the past, but I have also tried this also, with cereal. I felt it important to try….. gave me an insight to how to kneel and lower my head into the bowl. The human head does not have the features of a dog, so it is not an easy feat. But with practice I did manage to eat the contents, without spillage.

This was an important lesson for me, as I knew what my slave would have to do. I feel it is important for Master’s and Owner’s to have insight from a slave’s perspective.

Dinner time

This gives another perspective, with the slave eating adjacent to its Masters. The juxtaposition of the slave eating on the kitchen floor to the Masters eating from crockery at the table, underlines the natural order. But I note, the slave’s bowl is empty, obviously waiting to be fed the left-overs. This is what my slave, Kirk, wishes for the rest of his life.

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