Bathroom duty

Bathroom duty

There are times when a slave should and will only be allowed to clean floors, on all fours, with a cloth or scrubbing brush and water. This slave is doing just that. The slave also knows that any moment its Master can come in and fuck its anus.

A dutiful slave is always available, knows no matter what it is doing the slave must stop the cleaning for instance, whenever the Master wants to use him for sex, or urinal, or just to cane him, then the slave gets back to work on his chores.

5 Replies to “Bathroom duty”

  1. Having Master casually fuck and beat slave before putting it back to work gives slave a hard on, Sir.

    The thought of being ignored once used and expected to carry on with a striped and stinging arse with Master’s cum leaking out is somewhat arousing, Sir.


      1. slave looks forward to wearing Your stripes, Sir.

        it willingly suffers for Your amusement, Sir.


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