Master Dominik

Master Dominik

Taken a few years ago. I have had my Celtic band tattoo for a while at this point, and circumcised too. I also had a nipple ring at this point also.

Master Dominik

A slightly different angle for the camera!

Master Dominik

A black and white perspective. Looks rather good.

Master Dominik

Another black and white perspective. Picture a bit grainy, but otherwise I look good. My penis is clear to see.

Master Dominik

A colour perspective: I look better on this one rather than the black and white one showing me seated. A lot clearer picture.

Master Dominik

What can I say, sofa a tad too small lol!

Master Dominik

Laying down, nice perspective. Can really see I have a hairy back, which I hate.

Master Dominik

A much better view of me laying down. Not a bad pose.

Master Dominik in the kitchen

This is a small collection of me.

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