Slave Kirk update

After a week on constant texting this slave is not going to be my slave. The slave sounded good and would have committed himself to me, this I know, but it would have been taking a risk without meeting him first. He wanted to just turn up and that would be that! Too risky. Coupled with that, he wanted to become a full toilet slave. While I have no problem with a slave drinking from my penis, I do have a problem when it comes to poo!

I know some are into this, but I am not, and it is a line I will not cross. A slave washing my anus with soap and water afterwards is one thing but the licking with a tongue, never mind the eating just turns my stomach.

I have as a result decided to give Slave Kirk a miss. My slave is out there I know but he needs to be one with whom I can relate, have a relationship with in an agreed manner.

The chapter with Kirk c’est fini.

7 Replies to “Slave Kirk update”

  1. Sir,

    Sorry to hear about Kirk, but it seems unrealistic to just expect to move in before meeting in person, Sir.

    Apart from the obvious differences, there’s not much difference between kink and vanilla relationships – they both take time and effort and must be built in a way that serves the needs of both parties if they are to stand the test of time, in slave’s opinion, Sir.

    slave sometimes thinks that the fantasy of being a slave overrides common sense, but fantasy never survives the collision with reality, however W/we might wish it were otherwise, Sir.

    It’s a shame, Sir.


    1. Exactly. That is why I was concerned. he just wanted me to agree him moving without any meeting. You need to like the slave as a person not just as a slave. I just wasn’t prepared to take the risk. I had been hurt by a so called before and he was from Doncaster. I am in my dotage years being 60 now a days. I am not rushing. I would rather have a relationship with a naturist and move things from there. But hopefully a slave would also be a naturist at heart too. It is not all about the bdsm and kink, normal life does happen. But the labels master and slave can still define us even in the vanilla world.


  2. Sir,

    Sixty is hardly Your dotage, Sir.

    slave is not a naturist, but does think slaves should be naked (barring a collar and or chains that identify it as a slave) except when strictly necessary, Sir.

    It isn’t all about kink and BDSM, but it is an essential part, what with slave being property and unable to form a romantic attachment as it is straight, albeit a cock worshipping, sperm and piss drinking straight property, Sir.

    It’s also not usual for someone to allow others to use their ‘partner’ sexually nor to keep them restrained and locked away when not in use, so it is not sure ‘normal’ or ‘vanilla’ are particularly applicable here, Sir.

    ‘Master’ and ‘slave’, however, are certainly accurate, and it will wear Your mark with pride to prove it, Sir.


      1. Sir,

        slave has no frame of reference for that, but it does know it must worship Superior Cock, and obey and please its Owner, Sir.

        You wouldn’t have such feelings for a kettle or other utensil, would You, Sir?

        And if it is property, why would You treat it differently to a vacuum cleaner or anything else You own, Sir?

        Surely, that would encourage a slave to think it is special, rather than just another of Your possessions, Sir?

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  3. Master
    I think you had a lucky escape it does seem strange that he just wanted to turn up and serve without any prior meetings, i have always built up a personal relationship and trust with my Masters before becoming their slave.
    I totally agree i have no problem with drinking from my Masters penis or being covered in his urine but i do draw the line at full toilet slavey that is definitely not for me, i believe those areas of the body should be kept as clean as possible.


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