I have been thinking about this a lot the past week. My ex used to shave my back for me and keep it in shape. Since then I have had to let the back hair grow, and as its not easy to shave oneself, it has remained.

So I could do with a slave or any male to help me in this regard, and I am sure it would be mutually rewarding.

More than that I have also thought about getting the pubic area sorted too. Smoothened balls and shaft. There is nothing worse than odd hairs protruding on the balls and also the penis shaft itself. I have been reading that there is a Nair mens hair removal body cream, which should do the trick. I have just ordered a tube on Amazon!

Needless to say, I will be getting a body grooming kit, so my chest hair can be trimmed too. Might as well look my best.

Until I have a slave or another man to assist with this, I shall have to attempt this myself, yikes! Peoples thoughts are welcome as well as peoples experiences.

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