Circle of Circles

  • If in the infinite the same
  • Self re-encountering ever flows
  • The myriad-folded cosmic frame
  • Together acts, reacts and grows
  • A living joy from all stars pouring
  • Joins great and small in one accord
  • And all the wrangling, all the soaring
  • Forever rests in God the Lord
  • That thou canst never end doth make thee great
  • And that thou ne’er beginnist is thy fate
  • Thy song is changeful as your starry frame
  • End and beginning ever more the same
  • And what the middle bringest but contains
  • What was at first and what at last remains


This piece by Göethe is profound. My late mother selected it as a reading for her funeral. My sisters and cousin got together to understand its meaning. Our understanding being amongst the heavens our mother remains forever.

Which brings me to our Lord Priapus: we praise him and are him. We are one and the same. A Master and even us as alpha males ask other males/ slave to worship us, our Penis, and address us sometimes as the Lord. This is what I am emphasising at this level, rather than the more deeper intellectual spiritual level. At the deeper level, theologians of the establishment would have their view point. But what matters, in my view is ones private belief and understanding of the cosmos and ones faith.

One Reply to “Circle of Circles”

  1. Sir,

    Perhaps a little deep, but if You mean that 115-069-234 should worship the Lord Cock in all its manifestations, then it is grateful and thankful to receive such direction and instruction, Sir.


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