Nude male friends et al;

I am a member of and have been for some time. After a period of if inactivity with other naturists I am back in touch with friends. Some are more local to me than others. I have said in my introduction that I am a naturist as well as a master of slaves. So it is good to be with kindred spirits.

I am also appreciative of people following me from another site that I am a member of: The Temple of Priapus. It is good to be in touch with others near and far, and indeed overseas.

Whether as a Master or as a naturist; the worship of the male form and The Penis, is foremost and the core of my being, and I suspect of every male to be honest. The penis, our Lord, is with us from birth, as individuals one knows ones penis intimately, its appearance and behaviour, and the fluids that flow from its glans penis meatus. Whether flaccid or erect, the penis is part of us, is us. He will behave it would seem independently of ones thoughts. Unwanted erections at unwanted moments in time spring to mind. It does appear our penises have a life of their own. Hence I accept my penis in a sense is my Lord and Master. The Penis as the Master is at one with me as The Master in another as slave owner: slaves worship the penis. So to borrow a concept from Goethe: I worship and love the Lord as I am the Lord. Each male has that concept in their core.

I will search that poem by Goethe, and add it another posting. At first it does not make sense, but reading and re-reading its lines an understanding emerges.

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