Morning glass of piss

I am aware some males are into drinking urine either as a daily ritual whether the male is a slave consuming his master’s having been trained to do so or a male just drinking his own or another males because he likes and enjoys to out of choice.

I am aware some point to the negatives and positives of the practice. For myself, as a Master, I would want my slave to drink directly from the tap ( the penis ), but some slaves are given their food in dog bowls which are mixed with urine, some slaves drink urine from a separate bowl. Each is valid and forms part of the house rules the slave’s master decrees.

To keep my followers informed I have dabbled into drinking my own now and again. Depending on the time of day and what has been consumed or drunk, the urine can be bitter or sweet. Naturally I prefer when its sweet.

Glass filled on 4.5.2019 @ 6.30. Just over half a pint.

2 Replies to “Morning glass of piss”

  1. Sir,

    Drinking piss would degrade and humiliate slave, but it is a chattel property with only the option to obey, so it must drink piss and hope that this denigration pleases and amuses You, Sir.

    Thank You, Sir.

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    1. A slave drinking piss is of course humiliating to a slave if a slave has no taste for the liquid, and would not even think of consuming such. It would of course amuse me hugely to see the facial contortions as a slave drinks. Of course from a glass is different to trying to drink it and not gargle too much when it is direct from the penis.

      As slave knows, drinking from the penis is the goal for any slave to achieve and without spillage. This is why during training it is advisable a slave is in a bath so spillages does not damage floor coverings!

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