Permission to masturbate

A slave I know on fetlife sought permission to masturbate as a means of releasing vent up emotions. The slave has been given this permission on the proviso it consumes the milk!

7 Replies to “Permission to masturbate”

  1. Master,

    Thank You for allowing it to masturbate, Sir.

    it did so, spilled its inferior seed on the floor and licked it up as instructed, Sir.

    While it felt humiliated grubbing about on the floor to ingest inferior sperm, it immediately felt guilty for using Your slave’s penis to experience pleasure (even with permission), so perhaps in future You might only allow it to cum from anal penetration, as befitting the omega slave object’s low status and position, Sir?

    Thank You for allowing it to experience that pleasure, and to learn that such pleasure is not for the likes of inferior livestock, Sir.

    Thank You, Sir.

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    1. Slave

      it has learnt a valuable lesson: the act of licking the sperm from the floor, which belongs to slave in this instance, underlines the slave’s status. Getting slave familiar to licking of the floor will be handy should it need to lick a Master’s or any superior Man’s sperm that had fallen to the floor.

      it will be given a weekly privilege to do so from now on.

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      1. Master,

        slave thanks You for teaching it this valuable lesson, Sir.

        it is not yet fit to lick up Superior Sperm, and so must learn with its own inferior muck and hope to earn the privilege of licking Superior Sperm from the floor in future, Sir.

        Thank You for demonstrating its abject inferiority with this simple debasement, Sir.

        it is put in its place, please keep pushing it lower and lower until it reaches the very lowest level, its rightful place, Sir.

        Thank You, Sir.


      2. slave has been told to lick Superior Sperm from the floor so none of this precious produce is wasted. If a Master or Man accidentally spills some slave will lick up. This is not just when slave is impregnated with sperm in its anus, or mouth, but also when sperm drips from another slave’s anus or dribbling from a slave’s mouth……just as important is to lick a Man’s and Master’s penis to ensure no sperm is overlooked.

        This is not only the slave’s duty as the livestock creature it is, but also for the slave’s reverence to his Lord Penis.

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