Male slave livestock

Livestock being loaded

The above picture I came across some time ago. This appeals to me for a number of reasons. These males are on a rural location, possibly a farm. They are certainly livestock not because they are naked: slaves are livestock and have no right to clothes anyway. But because these are being loaded on a real animal transporter vehicle. This must be a sheep or pig transporter due to the two levels inside.

The livestock are being herded inside on all fours indicating they are animals. It would be interesting where they were delivered to.

Male livestock in their pen

I should imagine the livestock once delivered to their location, are herded off and put into their pens. This is just the place to keep animals. These males are naked which is quite right: they will not sleep here, as these pens are just holding pens. A much bigger pen is needed to allow the animals room to move and circulate. Animals like these eat from a trough, sleep in the pen on straw. Just like animals, they will find a place to urinate, they will find a place to defecate. Just like animals, their pen will be mucked out by a farm worker. Just like animals I am sure they will be branded and marked in some manner, perhaps even have tags inserted into their ears.

livestock chained in the field.

It is only natural for livestock to roam in the fields. The animal needs to feel the grass it walks on, it needs to feel the fresh air on its flesh.

Upright livestock

This male animal is allowed to be upright however it is secure with its collar and chain, and of course its hands are bound. Could be going for an exercise before returning to its pen.

5 Replies to “Male slave livestock”

  1. Master,

    slave has another erection, Sir.

    it would love to be one of the slaves in the photos, Sir.

    Thank You, Sir.


      1. The farmer on fetlife has gone quiet lately. Back to the drawing board. I could always put an advert out. I do want slave to experience being an animal on a farm, sleeping and feeding in a pen with other animals. For slave to experience peeing and defecating like one also. This will make it feel it is the lowest of the low. But might not be its ultimate fate!


  2. Master,

    Having to defecate in the open would certainly be degrading for it, as would being bred by anyone that You allowed to mount and seed it, Sir.

    Each time You push Your animal’s boundaries back make it scared, but also give it an erection, Sir.

    Thank You for pushing it to become what You want it to be rather than what it would choose itself, Sir.


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