Gardening: nude workers


There is always work to be done outside. The lawns need mowing, this can be done alone or with a team of mowers using a lawn mower or a strimmer. This male works alone. But below are a team of workers


There are quite a few loose material about on the ground. The lawn is parched but they are still keeping what grass there is trimmed. Then there are the edges and the weeds to get rid off. These two have a fair bit to do. Of course working nude is the only way whether they are naturists or slaves.


No matter how good a worker is at mowing the grass, there are always a stubborn patch that needs the strimmer to do the job. This male knows what he is doing, and unlike some males he is barefoot….a good example to slaves.

Edging and clipping

This worker is using a spade to trim the edge of the lawn: not the normal tool to use but it does get the job done. And to doubly make sure the edges of the lawn are short and straight this male is using the shears: a strimmer with the right attachments does this quicker. But then hedges also need the shears to keep them neat.

Lawn care

All lawns need care. Using the fork holes are prodded at intervals into the lawn, this allows for not only air to penetrate down but to lightly loosen the top layer so encouraging worms below to do their job.


The plants need attending to also, and this male is using the standard watering can. A hose is alright but would need to be done right so not to damage the plants.

Lawn care

Now that the lawns are mowed and trimmed and edged. The grass can be watered, along with the paving areas. This worker is using the hose correctly, and like any good male worker he has no shoes just like a slave would too.

Paved areas

Those stubborn bits of weed and grass will grow in any spaces they can find: these need removing. This worker is using a spade. This is quicker and more instant. Some workers do use chemical sprays to kill the weeds, but this method does take a while.


At certain times the lawn and pathed areas need sweeping and raking. This worker is raking up the leaves ( natures coinage spent ). This is normally in what the Canadian’s call the fall or anywhere else autumn.


Steps and pathing always need sweeping, not just of plant material but loose rubbish from any source.

I have put these pictures in a series of a story. These males are not slaves, they could be, but even if they were slaves the point is they are working nude. This should be the way every male should be of course. Quite a few of these males are properly nude, no shoes should be worn ideally, and certainly for a slave barefoot would be mandatory.

I have had this collection of pictures for a while, and while I might have put them into individual posts elsewhere. These do illustrate a theme and I felt it right to collate them together. For those of you who are gardeners which I am not: I like gardening of course, I have I hope given the correct terminology.

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