Slave Family

I have been in contact with real fathers who have real sons as opposed to those on sites who advertise as ‘Sons for Daddy’ or ‘Daddy seeks son’. These latter are playing the roles. The men I have had discussions with are real and not playing their role: they are the biological fathers of their sons.

One on Recon was too extreme for me, and he mentioned his son was also a slave and just as extreme. I wished them both well and trust they will find the One: the Master they need.

In another vein, I have been talking with a father with a young son. The father is a slave, but he hopes to be his son’s slave. This is a different angle, and just as valid in its own way. He comes across as an interesting individual and is a naturist, which is appropriate for a slave!

The father and son, with the father being the slave, certainly brings another dimension to what is a family. For a man, to own and possess such a father, has an instant family by default. Who hasn’t read about stories of this happening in olden days. By talking with these fathers I have come to realise they have heart-felt need to be in service as slaves to another man so long as their sons are not left behind.

Personally as a gay man, I am unlikely to have children, but to have such a slave on a permanent basis, will mean I have an instant family. The slave’s son will be my son by default. I have had hidden thoughts about this aspect and my feelings are becoming more pronounced. I would happily be in such a family unit. This in a sense would be a male only family set up, but nothing to do with polyamory.

I am in discussions with such a slave at the moment, and I feel my future life will be with him and our son. In case you are wondering, the son does know his father is a slave.

5 Replies to “Slave Family”

  1. Master,

    This is intriguing, Sir.

    Will this be a traditional family set up or will they be domestic/sexual slaves in addition to their role as family, Sir?


    1. This very much depends on the age of the slave fathers son. If the son is approaching 16, then yes, the son would be trained actively as a slave along side his father. If the son is still a child, then the child would learn as he sees his father serving as a slave.


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