Slave Peter. June 2019

I had been surprised of late to receive a couple of emails from this slave recently. After the turmoil he had put me and himself through he feels he is now ready to live as an enslaved slave. He is slightly older than myself. I am currently 60 whilst he is 61.

I have agreed with Peter it is essential we meet and then take things from

3 Replies to “Slave Peter. June 2019”

  1. Master,

    It sounds like You will have a full house, Sir.

    Your animal hopes there is still a small place for it with You, or should it prepare itself for the auction, Sir?


    1. To have a stable of slaves has always been a dream of mine slave. How many is actually practical is another matter. For a bed and breakfast business having several slaves would be ideal: one for each room to pamper guests!


      1. What role (if any) do You envisage for Your animal in Your business – is it to be one of the room slaves or is that just for Your human properties, Sir?


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