Slave Peter

I have had a couple of emails from Peter. He has created an account on FetLife as Lurvcox. He gives there a synopsis of the history between us. He states his actual name there. So it is in the public domain.

I have agreed we need to meet before any move further to his enslavement. I shall know more by mid-week.

2 Replies to “Slave Peter”

    1. No I don’t mind you following me on fetlife. I am pleased you are following me on here also. Thank you for your comments by the way. As to regards to the slave Peter. For him to publish his details on his fetlife profile is one thing. He was on exposedfaggots also but he went a bit ‘mad’. Since he recontacted me, he wants me to do this all again. I have been left pondering if he is sincere, again!

      I have emailed him a few times and also by text. Replies are sporadic I have to convey to you. Peter getting on his ass and meeting me would be a positive step!


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