Males with vagina’s

I have often heard about males removing there penises for one reason or another. I have also heard about males who are double sexual, ie, they are males with no penis but have either the appearance of a vagina , a real vagina, or a micro-penis with vagina.

Masculine male with vagina

The male above is definitely male apart from having no penis. He has what looks like a vagina, so a real male can either have sex with him in the anus or the vagina.

Male vagina

This male has a vagina and there is nothing feminine about him. It is different to see a male with no penis I have to confess. I would have sex with a male like these.

Male vaginal sex

As this couple illustrate, these males are having intercourse, in the same way a female and male would have in the conventional sense.

I would not however, have a slave I own lose its penis. The penis is something precious to own . That said I would be interested in meeting such a two-sex male.

5 Replies to “Males with vagina’s”

  1. Master,

    Your animal would like to retain its penis, if only to see it flop about uselessly as slave is impaled upon the larger and more impressive Superior Cocks of its Superiors, to humiliate and denigrate it by comparison and so it can clearly see its inferiority and why it is right that it has been taken as property and reduced from human to a livestock animal, Sir.

    Thank You for putting it in its proper place, Sir.


      1. Master,

        Thank You, Sir.

        Your animal’s penis is for Your amusement, but it would prefer to retain the penis, even if it is only so You can laugh at it and humiliate Your livestock, Sir.


  2. Interesting to consider. I guess it’s the equivalent of a transsexual woman keeping her penis? While I can appreciate the commitment to being a permanent bottom, I think the relationship would lose something valuable with such surgery.

    It just seems too easy to be a bottom when that’s your only biological option. I think it’s more meaningful and more significant to choose to be a bottom, to make a conscious decision each and every day to ignore your penis and focus on your Master’s pleasure.


    1. I included this post as it intrigued me. I do not contemplate removing a slaves penis. It is too important and central to a relationship. A slave with pubic hair and having the appearance of a adult male BUT collared is far more superior.


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