Patrick McCartan

Patrick emailed me out of the blue the other day. He had been thinking of me and had never stopped doing so. I was surprised as he was supposed to have been serving another Master. But this relation ship broke down. There needs to be an attraction between two people for that to work. Patrick, a slave, never felt attracted to his Master.

He wants to meet again. He feels a relationship with me will work. We have agreed for him to come to me one day after work and stay overnight. We need to spend time together as people before we spend time as Master and slave.

Another chapter opens as another closes

One Reply to “Patrick McCartan”

  1. Master,

    Now it understands why You have been ignoring the basest and most stupid of Your possessions – which merits no explanation from You, as pigs are less than human and deserve no time or attention from their Owners, Sir.

    With each acquisition it is pushed further away from You, and so Your animal must learn to accept being ignored and forgotten and accept the suffering as part of its service to You, Sir.

    it hopes this new slave is the all that You wish it to be, and that it serves You long and well, Sir.

    But please remember that somewhere, at the edge of Your world lies a naked, filthy livestock animal, waiting and hoping that You will remember that it exists, Sir.


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