Hairy versus almost smooth penis

Metal collar, trimmed pubic hair

I have uploaded this picture not because I like the nose ring, but more to show the metal collar which would be good for my slave, Peter. This slave has a nice penis, its hair is trimmed short.

Hairy penis

I have contrasted the picture of the slave above with this one below. Again a nice penis, but the difference is that is hairy.

My slave, Peter, had kept his penis clean shaven. But a while ago I instructed him to grow the hair. I want to see the hair and to have him serve like that. I might course change my mind, but then it will be my choice and my slaves to make.

There exists clean shaven pictures of Peter. I will in due course add a more up to date ones showing his hairy penis.

Peter’s smooth penis

My slave will grow his hair to be hairy like the picture above. After a while I will decide he becomes totally smooth like he is now, remains hairy or has that cropped look. My slave will have no say in this of course.

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