Training Peter

My slave Peter is working away over the bank holiday and will not have contact from him til early next week. I did however have an email from him in which he stated ” he wished he was serving vigorously my anus”. I have no doubt I will relish slave doing so.

But he knows its service will be more than just sexual. He will be new to being a slave, even at 61! So he will need training in all areas of being a domestic servant. When it comes to his handyman skills such as decorating I know he can do that however I have not witnessed his handiwork.

That said, if he can paint competently, wallpaper professionally it will save paying a professional to do so. I might even hire my slave out as a nude decorator!

He will need to be trained to clean rooms in order, ie, downstairs first then the bedrooms followed by the bathroom. He will need to be trained that its not just the surfaces that need cleaning but when it comes to the kitchen, items need taking out to clean the inside of the units then put things back. Similarly the display unit in the living room. On a monthly basis, all the plates, cups, bowls and drinking glasses washed and put away.

He needs to be a good domestic servant from the start. Then he will need to be trained with the bedding and laundry also.

He will need to be trained how to stand, how to kneel, how to wait in a certain position when not needed . He will need to be trained to kneel and assume submission position when I come home from work for instance and he is in the house.

He will need to be trained how to serve me my meals and drinks and visitors. He will need to learn being naked is normal for him and not being allowed clothes indoors.

His training and his new life commences soon. The realisation of his dream: living as a slave with no say over his future. He knows that I own him.

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