Relocation approaches.

My slave has been feeling a bit apprehensive the past few days. This is a big step for the both of us. But he is clear: this is something he has wanted all his adult life. He is concerned he won’t be fulfilled sexually: he knows he will be serving my penis and anus. He knows he will be having oral sex and craves for the moment my penis is in his mouth. He knows he will have anal sex, whether that is with me or other men.

He knows living and serving as a slave is what he wants. He has made that decision. He has also freely chosen me as his Master. His photo making such a declaration has been published on here.

Slave Peter knows he will be stripping naked in the porch and thus crossing the threshold of the house: his new home as a slave and no going back. This is something he knows I have wanted.

Slave is skilled in domestic work, from the cooking to the cleaning, and I have learnt from him he has sometimes done these professionally, although I doubt he has done so naked.

He knows I am looking forward to taking delivery of my slave. He has admitted himself he is looking forward to moving in and living finally as he is: an owned slave. Of course there are areas where he will need training and that will be given to him. He will need to know how to behave in private as well as in public. He will need to know how to address me at home and in public. He will need to know how to serve me at home: the various positions he will need to adopt, and which will be needed and when.

He knows when I tattoo him and collar him, he will be a blank canvass for me to work upon: those are his words in a recent text. Soon this journey begins. His life and progress will be updated on here periodically.

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