Decision time: Slave Kirk

Kirk has always been in contact with me over the years. He has made a promise to be my full slave and property for life. I accept this and appreciate this. I texted Kirk this morning to let him know about the closing of the collarspace account.

He was hoping I would get in touch with him. He has re-stated his commitment to becoming my slave. He has admitted it is only to myself he would serve as a slave and belong to. He has admitted he wishes to commence in service in the near future.

It would be foolish to let this opportunity pass. While others have given me notions they would be my slaves. Kirk has been consistent. I will be making a rational decision and I do feel I will have years of loyal service from Kirk, who has made the decision to be my slave freely and without coercion.

What I can be certain of is I shall have in my procession a slave before the year is out.

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