Slave is ready

My slave has been in touch this morning. He has been working in a rural location where the mobile reception is poor. I have been assured he had wanted to start his service as my slave this week, but his work commitments has delayed matters.

I have reassured my slave he can move to me at any time. He is looking forward to his collar, and his tattoos which will mark him out as a slave.

I have been giving thought to the tattoo which I want him to have: a Celtic band of sorts with my initials with in it, and also another ‘ Property of Master Dominik ‘ in the small of back above the buttocks.

So this is definitely a countdown to his commencement as property. He knows and accepts the moment he strips naked in the porch and crosses the threshold of the house it will be one way and no going back. This is what he wants. This is what I want.

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