Progress 21.8.2019

My slave is busy beavering away for the current employer he works for. His reputation is good to secure jobs. He hopes to be starting his enslavement soon and living his new life which is his life goal. I also wish this to be soon . It would be good for the slave to be installed while I am off work at the start of September.

The slave is working away from tomorrow til Monday, so I will not get to know more news til then. Once I get to know I shall be updating this page.

Slave Peter : update 17.8.19

My slave had ben messaging me during the week. He has applied for a job in the Sheffield gay quarter ( in a sauna ). He is planning on changing his GP to that at my medical centre locally. I doubt if he can do that on line however.

Its official

Peter sent me this picture. There is no question about this, he has made a clear statement he is my slave. This has been along process and now he has declared himself officially and unambiguously what he is and whom he belongs to.

Growth of hair

Slave has begun to grow the hair which I had instructed him to do. I want to see my slave as he naturally would be as a adult male. Should I instruct him to shave it off at a later stage after he has begun his service in my home, he will do so. But for now I want to see hair at the penis region.

Slave Peter : imminent relocation

My slave is coming to the end of his current work commitments. He has already filled an application for work at a gay venue in the city. I am unsure whether he will be naked working there, hopefully, he will be! What is certain he will be naked at home or any location I instruct him.

Chastity has been discussed: his penis is to be free at home so that I have the pleasure of seeing the penis soft or hard. Wearing a chastity cage at a gay venue would be prudent. I will rule on this further in due course.

Leo – fake

After what I had thought was promising. I can only I was swept by the moment with this man. Plus thinking back I have no idea if this man was serious or otherwise. I have since closed my Kik account.

Slave Peter: decorating

Peter Wilkinson

My slave, Peter, sent me this pic to prove he was doing a decorating job naked. I would not expect anything less from him.

I have instructed him to begin growing the pubic hair, as I think it would be good to see my slave with a natural hairy penis. He is an adult male slave not a child, so a natural looking penis surrounded by hair is what I want from him.

What will mark him out as my slave will be a brand or tattoo to show is such a male. He will also wear a collar and doing so will highlight he is a slave. I will be proud and happy to see my slave in his natural state: naked and in service.


What a tempting view: a delicate droplet of pre-cum. This is the sweet liquid that oozes from the penis. I would defy any male who would not want to lick that delicious nectar. The produce from the penis is sacred, whether it be pre-cum, sperm or urine.

Male livestock: pigs

There are those males that are nothing but livestock in the literal sense. The males in this picture are naked, as males should be, but they are living like pigs with their natural pig brothers in a pig pen. account closed

After a few years using FetLife I had decided to close it down. I felt what was the point of adding friends on there who I knew were never going to meet. Whilst I had some nice discussions with people on there…..the days and months passed by and I had yet to meet anyone from there. There was no justified reason to keep the account going just for the sake of it.

Slave Kirk update ( 1.8.19)

Kirk made contact on Collarspace. He is a heterosexual male, but that is irrelevant in his case. He re-stated his need to be a slave but more importantly to be my slave.

What has been deterring me so far, is that we have not met for one thing. The other is I am aware there have been areas of service he says he will do even though I know he has not done them, and that he is pretty much a blank canvas. In this area certain areas of service should be mandatory for a slave with other areas to be introduced over time when the time is right.

I still think we need to meet before any decision is made regarding him moving from London one-way!

Patrick McCartan

Patrick emailed me out of the blue the other day. He had been thinking of me and had never stopped doing so. I was surprised as he was supposed to have been serving another Master. But this relation ship broke down. There needs to be an attraction between two people for that to work. Patrick, a slave, never felt attracted to his Master.

He wants to meet again. He feels a relationship with me will work. We have agreed for him to come to me one day after work and stay overnight. We need to spend time together as people before we spend time as Master and slave.

Another chapter opens as another closes