Slave livestock storage centre. Multiple cages with one male per cage, stacked on one another. The man with the yellow cap is obviously counting the number of cages or from his clip board he has the order number, and is pointing to the cage for the fork lift driver to take the correct cage.

  • Possibly taking delivery of livestock or
  • Selecting livestock to be shipped out to a buyer

Caged slaves

This caged slave is in a domestic setting and the most common in my view. These dog cages are easily bought from pet stores or online.

This slave is chained up in a more solid cage, but still in a domestic setting due to the wall picture.

This is a more robust cage for a slave. A proper cell for storage.

This storage cell is in the ground, useful but depends what the Master wants for his property.

An intriguing photo. Slaves being transported as cargo. Does this actually happen?