Males with vagina’s

I have often heard about males removing there penises for one reason or another. I have also heard about males who are double sexual, ie, they are males with no penis but have either the appearance of a vagina , a real vagina, or a micro-penis with vagina.

Masculine male with vagina

The male above is definitely male apart from having no penis. He has what looks like a vagina, so a real male can either have sex with him in the anus or the vagina.

Male vagina

This male has a vagina and there is nothing feminine about him. It is different to see a male with no penis I have to confess. I would have sex with a male like these.

Male vaginal sex

As this couple illustrate, these males are having intercourse, in the same way a female and male would have in the conventional sense.

I would not however, have a slave I own lose its penis. The penis is something precious to own . That said I would be interested in meeting such a two-sex male.