Drinking piss: training to direct from source

Training to drink piss

This is one means for a slave to be trained as a urinal. This device looks sufficient enough for a learner, before drinking from tap!

Drinking direct from the tap.

This male looks like he is experience to keep the mouth open to allow the urine flow in and be consumed. Every slave should be taught to drink like this.

Morning glass of piss

I am aware some males are into drinking urine either as a daily ritual whether the male is a slave consuming his master’s having been trained to do so or a male just drinking his own or another males because he likes and enjoys to out of choice.

I am aware some point to the negatives and positives of the practice. For myself, as a Master, I would want my slave to drink directly from the tap ( the penis ), but some slaves are given their food in dog bowls which are mixed with urine, some slaves drink urine from a separate bowl. Each is valid and forms part of the house rules the slave’s master decrees.

To keep my followers informed I have dabbled into drinking my own now and again. Depending on the time of day and what has been consumed or drunk, the urine can be bitter or sweet. Naturally I prefer when its sweet.

Glass filled on 4.5.2019 @ 6.30. Just over half a pint.

Double piss

Taking a pee

What I like about this picture is the real naturalness of it. Not just one male but two males, tanned all over by the look of them, and in woodland. When they needed a pee, they both just stood there and let the pee flow out of their penises. No holding of the penis to direct the pee, which for most of us males is the normal reflex. These males just simply to stand and pee. I love it. How they both came to pee at the same time is a mystery……. just shows the male animal nature of the two. Underlines all males are just that: animals.

I will have to do this myself the next time I have a walk. I will also train my slave to do the same also.

Nude hiking

This captures what is great about being naked in nature. When one needs to have a piss, just let it happen. Just like animals pee on the spot, so the human male should do the same…..more natural and easier to do in the countryside.

I have done this myself, on occasion, above the Ladybower and Howden Reservoirs in North Derbyshire. I have walked for over 14 miles naked with out any problem. The freedom is exhilarating, whether doing this alone or with other males.

I will take my slave to experience this and rightly so.

Master Dominik’s piss

Managed to capture my penis pissing into a glass. Someone else taking the picture would be better. To different glasses, the top one with a beer bottle to give an idea of the volume, the bottom one is a pint glass. That’s how much from each occasion.

This ought to give my slave an idea of how much to drink!

Male pissing


Until it completes its piss training it recycles everything it produces. It’s finally managed to hit the bowl, now just needs to get that leg lifted at the same time. Then it will be ready to go outside and be rewarded by leaving its piss behind on a tree.

Toilet training! This is a slave being trained to urinate like a canine. Every slave ought to experience this at some point in their training. This adds to the humiliation and underlines they are lower in status to their Master/Owner.

Piss giver/taker

I have drunk piss and let others drink mine 🚹💧

It has been a while since I had a slave try to drink my piss direct from my cock. Would like for a slave to do so again.