Leo – fake

After what I had thought was promising. I can only I was swept by the moment with this man. Plus thinking back I have no idea if this man was serious or otherwise. I have since closed my Kik account.

Patrick McCartan

Patrick emailed me out of the blue the other day. He had been thinking of me and had never stopped doing so. I was surprised as he was supposed to have been serving another Master. But this relation ship broke down. There needs to be an attraction between two people for that to work. Patrick, a slave, never felt attracted to his Master.

He wants to meet again. He feels a relationship with me will work. We have agreed for him to come to me one day after work and stay overnight. We need to spend time together as people before we spend time as Master and slave.

Another chapter opens as another closes

Slave JJ ( James )

Slave JJ

One my future slaves left this picture for me on Skype which I was pleased to receive. As you can see he is smooth shaven, a nice penis but with foreskin. He will be circumcised however, and I would persuade him to regrow the pubic hair. He is a young male which I approve of and would be more than happy to collar him as my property. He will be a welcome addition to my male family.

Slave Mike

This slave made contact with me ages ago. I believe it was through Fetlife. But anyway, we have been chatting for over a year on Skype. He is a single biological father with one son. He has told his son about me apparently. He wishes for himself and his son to be under my ‘wings’ as their Master.

They are naturists and have nudist friends. But slave has not told anyone his desire to live in service as a slave. I will have to look into visiting them sometime. California is some distance away, but I am sure a seat sale with Aer Lingus might be feasible!

Slave Leo

Leo has been unwell, and through our contact on Kik he has informed me he will be in hospital for a period. I hope this is nothing serious and that he has a speedy recovery. I suspect his ex-wife will be caring for his sons. He initially contacted me on Recon at the beginning of May. But since mid-May his profile disappeared, but at least I am in contact through Kik.

I message him each day, and will no doubt hear from him soon.

Slave JJ update

I was in touch with the slave on Skype. He had deleted his Fetlife account. But kept his contact with me on Skype. I had a chat with him this morning. It was good to hear from him and to learn he is still a slave and wishes to become my slave eventually!

I will wait and see what develops in the fullness of time!

Slave Steven – Genuine

I can conclude this slave is genuine, but he opted not to choose me as his Master. I had no reason or decision to conclude he was a fake. He came across as sincere. Our exchanges were sincere and regular. I wished him well with his future life.

Keeping this posting for the historic record.

Slave JJ – genuine

After what was thought to be promising start. Contact was instigated by him to me on fetlife.com, and later contact on skype. The contact was limited and not consistent. Little or no response to texts. He later disappeared from my view on fetlife. His profile may or may not be there. I might have been blocked. I can only conclude he was not sincere.

I am keeping this post for the historic record of my dealings with him.