Slave Kirk update ( 1.8.19)

Kirk made contact on Collarspace. He is a heterosexual male, but that is irrelevant in his case. He re-stated his need to be a slave but more importantly to be my slave.

What has been deterring me so far, is that we have not met for one thing. The other is I am aware there have been areas of service he says he will do even though I know he has not done them, and that he is pretty much a blank canvas. In this area certain areas of service should be mandatory for a slave with other areas to be introduced over time when the time is right.

I still think we need to meet before any decision is made regarding him moving from London one-way!

Slave Kirk: update

I had a surprise message from the slave this afternoon. A series of text messages ensued. Kirk claims he has given a lot of thought recently and is now ready to leave behind his old life and begin living as a slave. He claims he wants to be property without rights. He claims he wants to serve me for the rest of his life.

Part of me is skeptical, but the other half thinks he might be telling me the truth this time. I shall only know this for sure, should he turn up at my front door on an agreed date. All I can do is wait if this happens. If this does, then I have my slave.

Slave Kirk in the nude


Slave Kirk sent me this picture a few months ago. One always has a mental picture of who someone looks like. Before I had only seen a facial photo or two. To see the slave as he actually is was a shock. It wasn’t the slave’s build that put me off, but his total toilet suggestions: I simply cannot contemplate sitting near a slave’s mouth to defaecate and for a slave to eat! I am aware some are into this habit…..drinking piss is one thing but this is something else altogether. Whether he was trying to goad me in some way I am not sure.

To get the measure of the slave I think I would need to actually meet him in London. But for now, my category he is fake stands. I may well be wrong.

Slave Kirk – fake

I have come to the conclusion that this slave is a fake. Over the years he kept appearing and then disappearing. His requests and at times demands were unrealistic. He kept disappearing from

I am keeping his details here for the historic record of my dealings with him.

Slave Kirk update

After a week on constant texting this slave is not going to be my slave. The slave sounded good and would have committed himself to me, this I know, but it would have been taking a risk without meeting him first. He wanted to just turn up and that would be that! Too risky. Coupled with that, he wanted to become a full toilet slave. While I have no problem with a slave drinking from my penis, I do have a problem when it comes to poo!

I know some are into this, but I am not, and it is a line I will not cross. A slave washing my anus with soap and water afterwards is one thing but the licking with a tongue, never mind the eating just turns my stomach.

I have as a result decided to give Slave Kirk a miss. My slave is out there I know but he needs to be one with whom I can relate, have a relationship with in an agreed manner.

The chapter with Kirk c’est fini.

Conversation with Slave Kirk: 7.3.2019

My slave views his enslavement commencing as the following:

I would turn up and become fully owned from the moment I arrive to you Sir.

I would expect to find a job within two weeks.

Once home from work. I would serve and wait on my owner 24/7. Having chores to do as you command.

You would collar me when I arrive. I would also expect to be tattooed or branded as my owners property. When not serving my place would be kneeling or becoming my owners footrest. I would be ready for use as my owners urinal at all times. As well as ready to give oral on command.

I would wash and bath you. Dress you. I would give up all my rights and become your total property Sir. I would eat my meals from a bowl at your feet. You will be free to use bondage whenever you decide. I will learn to take punishment for not pleasing you. Or just for your fun and amusement.

I would sleep where you decide. Depending on your mood sir. On the floor by your bed. In your bed. Ready to lick and suck you on demand. Always ready to be woken up if you need to pee in the night. You will be free to see other people. Even getting me to help them to please you. But I will be faithful to my owner fully.

My only purpose in life. Will be to serve and please my owner. I will sign a life long slave contract. Handing over my life to my owner. With no get out clause.

You will be my life sir. My only goal in life will be to devote my life to your pleasure. All I will ever from life is to be your slave and full property.

The above was responses to various text messages. It is comprehensive and encompasses my of what I am also wanting from a slave. The conversation is only a synopsis of his enslavement of course.

Slave Kirk

Slave and property

The slave and I have been talking this afternoon. He reiterated the outline of his life as my slave. A few months have lapsed since the initial time he did this, but has stated very much what I am wanting for in a slave and have in a contract template.

I have left him a voicemail to emphasise he is my slave and property for the rest of his life. Kirk might not be a slim man or an adonis, but he is real and will devote his life to my service.

Easter has been agreed as the moment he will travel from London to me. The moment he arrives, strips naked, he will be my property henceforth. If I need to pee at that point he will drink direct from my penis.

I will give updates on his training and progress in due course. All I can say is after all these years of talking. There will be no going back. This male now belongs to me.

Chat with slave Kirk

I finally got around to not only texting the slave, but this morning I left him a voicemail. I knew this would go to voicemail as he would have been working nights.

Slave wanted to hear what my voice sounded like, seeing he would be hearing me giving him orders! Until the time he moves, I will be leaving him messages of things to be doing in preparation.

Slave Kirk: an update

The slave finally texted me today, Feb 23.2.019. It was good to hear from him. He still wishes to proceed to living as a full time slave property but still able to work in the normal world.

He won’t be able to move to me from London til after Easter. I don’t mind this wait as I will finally be having my slave in service.

Slave Kirk

I have secured the ownership of a male slave who is currently in Belvedere in London.  The slave from London, known as Kirk, shall be relocating to me in the new year.  Needless to say I have been looking forward to this for quite some time.

I am aware the slave is a straight male, but this does not matter to the slave nor to me.  The slave has freely and willingly given himself to be my owned property as the saying goes.

The slave will be in the near future serving me for the remainder of his life.  He accepts this will be hard to begin with, and shall need regular punishment to aide his training.  The result will be I shall have the slave I need.

Update: 31.12.2018

Kirk has not been in touch for almost a month. His posts and profile from Collarspace have vanished. He is not responding to texts or voicemails. I am left to believe he has been playing a game, maybe not, but he sounded serious enough in our dealings over the years.

Time to move on and go for a slave who will materialise and actually live the life in my service.