Cirumcised cock

What a delight to see a circumcised penis.  To see the glans exposed.  To see the hole where piss and sperm shoot through.  Beautiful to behold

Foreskin to no foreskin

The same penis looks different with the foreskin in its natural position, whereas the foreskin retracted allows the cock head to be visible, which is nicer. Oh I do wish this was a circumcised penis.


After this the squirming slave will submit totally. The slave is secure, cannot see what is happening, but he knows feeling the force of the whip on its penis is a means of punishment to instil a lesson for shoddy work, and also trains the slave to accept and take pain as a means of punishment during his training during each stage of his development.

Males exercising their penises

Although these are the same clip as multiple shots: it is effective. Seeing the motion of the penises as the males run brings clarity to how the penis behaves when being exercised in such a way.

This would also be good for training and exercising ones slaves on an outing to the beach.

Various stages of slave auctions

These slaves are being treated like livestock, which is what slaves are, and this is one means for a buyer to purchase a slave.

Multiple slaves being auctioned at the cattle market
Slave auction in England

I can just make out this slave is in the ring , and the red banner at the back, states it is some industrial estate in Skipton. Unless I am mistaken, there only the place called that and that’s in Yorkshire!

This slave is being held in a holding cell, but I doubt if he is one, because he is not collared, unless that is to come, also he has footwear. That is a no-no for a slave being bought.